Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We were aiming for 50 and got 72

I am heading up a Ladies Friendship Supper at our church. It was a thought that occurred to me one day. I have fond memories of our ladies luncheons when I was a kid. So, I thought, why not here and now? After all, I don't have a job and I would like to get a little bit involved with my church. So....I instigated the Friendship Supper. We were hoping for 50 ladies who might want to do something fun like that. Well, we now have 72 or more ladies who are excited about coming! I am estatic...I think....since it means more work. But it's the nice kind of work, the kind that shows that people want to be involved. I am also excited to see that I have flowers coming up and blooming already. It is soo neat to see some color and new life coming back. This winter was a drudgery for our family, me especially, so I am very glad to be outdoors. How has Spring Break been going? Well, I have bored kids and a sick husband. I also have a "sick" kid (cold, sniffles). The hardes part has been today. Today was drizzly and hubby has been hurling all day. So, every time he gets sick, I feel sick, until he's done! Gross, Our Bathroom is right off the Dining Room. Imagine that company comes over and your hubby is doing that! Gross! Embarrassing. Needless to say, company didn't stay too long! She just showed up, so I had no warning and neither did she, but usually, it doesn't matter. She's welcome anytime! Hope the rest of the week goes better. Even just sunshine and no wind would be great. Kick those kids outside! I want to apologize for the appearance of my blog lately. I do know how to use paragraphs and indents and such. However, Blogger is acting bratty. It won't even let me go in and edit my HTML tags. So, again, I'm sorry. I know that it makes my blog look really boring and makes me look dumb, but I swear, it's not me, it's the software!

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