Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday is a bigger deal to the kids than to me. Of course, I want everyone to remember it, but I don't want them to remember how old I am. Unfortunately, kids don't forget that kind of stuff. I told Mystery Girl that the best gift she could give me this year was to get her schoolwork done without me having to yell at her! NOT GONNA HAPPEN, not at this time of year! I told Calico Kid that the best gift he could give me would be to cuddle with me. Well, that sorta happened! Dr. O going to work for the 1st time in 2 months was a great gift. So, after everyone was home, Dr. O cooked a steak for me and hamburgers for the kids. He made a yellow cake with chocolate drizzle. They went to the store and came home with a dozen red roses, a bucket of ice cream, and two bags of chips. Yup, that was for the "birthday party"!

The whole time that Dr. O and I knew each other (all 16 years)he would never admit that he was dating me. We had our first "date" a year after the wedding! So, last night, he decided to "date" me with a bucket of dates! See, after the wedding, we had no sweets or snacks in the house, so I used to snitch the dates he used for cooking/baking. He would get mad because I was snitching dates! I would get mad because he wouldn't buy snacks. He just let me home in a house empty of snacks for weeks and weeks and I would go crazy! So, I snitched dates. They are sorta sweet, aren't they?! Well, anyway, now that I'm over the "date craze" he figured I'd like my own so I wouldn't have to snitch! Go figure! I love a man who is innovative!

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