Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again

Yup, That time of year. Time for allergies and stuffy noses and coughs. Every year, twice a year, like clockwork. The weather gets nice and I get allergies to everything! So, I walk around all drugged up until the pollen and mold counts go away. Add to this a Weekend Women's Retreat, sleeping in a cabin with a bunch of women I don't know, and I'm all set to make an idiot of myself. I'm pretty sure I snore when I'm all gunked up, so no one will sleep well, if at all! I'm sharing a cabin with our Youth Director! I can just imagine what that will be like! At least I'll be able to talk about my daughter where she can't hear me! Among all the gear to be packed is a case of Kleenex. About 4 boxes should do for a 2 1/2 day retreat! Seriously, though, I am quite excited to get to go and I have a bunch of activities lined up. One of which is horesback riding.

It's also "Plant the Garden" time of year. So far, I have potatoes and some onions planted. Yesterday, we put up a fence around the garden. All the farmhands seem to think that they are supposed to walk THRU it instead of AROUND it! So, up goes the fence! Oh, and to keep the varmints out too. Especially the woodchuck and the rabbits. I'll probably finish planting the week after I get back from my retreat.

I had a funny thing happen yesterday! When I got my order from Burpee for my plants, they didn't send my onions. So, a month and a half later, I figured they weren't going to send them at all and went to our garden center and bought some. Now, here's the funny part, I ordered 300 onion sets. When they didn't arrive, I went and bought 360 onion sets. Then UPS showed up yesterday and delivered my 300 onion sets. Now, I have 660 onion sets! What, may I ask, am I going to do with 660 onion sets? Hmmmm? I called my mil to see if she wanted any. Well, I'll take some after they grow up. Huh? I don't want to grow them for you first! I'm trying to get rid of them now! Ok, fine, you can have a few after harvest. But where am I going to put these things? My garden isn't big enough! I called my neighbor to see if SHE wanted any. Well, I'll take a few, but not very many. Ok, there goes about 15-20 of them. Who else can I call? I'll probably just dig up more ground and plant them all and give them away later. Hey, Mom, when you come visit, I can give you some for your garden. You know, that spot that used to be a garden? You don't even have to weed them. Just plant them and pick them. You can even pick which color you want! We have red, yellow, and white.

Amy, if we lived near you, I would hire you to tutor Mystery Girl in Grammar. We are doing Predicate Nominatives, Appositives, Direct Objects, Indirect Objects, and diagramming. I know how you love to diagram and how much MG and I HATE it. It's hard to teach something that you don't totaly understand. I get the nouns, verbs, and adjectives, but those darned PNs.......I can even teach Math and Allgebra in necessary. I can figure them out, but this Grammar stuff is killing me!

Okay, this thing about Facebook, I don't want anyone to think that I am ignoring them or refusing to be their friend. However, I don't think I will be continuing Facebook. I have a very, very slow internet connection and it takes a very long time for anything to load. I used to actually enjoy spending time on the internet, but now, it takes so long to get on most of the pages, that it is more bother than fun. So, I will stick to the few things I am already involved in and skip this Facebook thing. It looks as if it might be fun if my computer and internet were much faster. Add to it that this is my most busy time of year, that I don't have much time to spend on the internet. If people want to know what's up with me, they can read my blog. That's the best way to reach me actually. There and by e-mail. I'm not open for junk mail tho. Just nice e-mails and letters and such. I don't like chain letters or fw: fw: fw: messages. Some of the stuff is cool, but most of it is guilt letters. Believe me, I do love people, I do appreciate my friends, I do love God and want his blessings on my family and yours. I just think that the personal approach is better! Unfortunately, I live in a different time zone than most of my family, so calling can get difficult. But I do think of you all quite often. I'm hoping that my letter writing will happen this summer. With the price of stamps going up again, that may become more difficult tho. Anyway, I read my sister's blog and hopefully, other members of my family and friends will start blogging. It would be nice to know what's going on in your lives!


Charlotte said...


I agree with what you say about teaching things you don't like or understand. That would be like me teaching history or something. Of course, now that I'm looking for a job next school year, who knows what I'll end up teaching.

Have fun on your retreat, and with all of the onions. I'd take some yellow ones if I lived closer. I guess it wouldn't ship well to TN. Oh well!


Christine said...

Funny, I just found your facebook page this morning and sent a friend request!
I agree about the silly guilt emails, I hate those. I get them all the time from one of my relatives (not on this side) and it gets really old - even Emma gets them! And at 10 she doesn't understand that NOTHING will happen if she doesn't read every word and forward it to everyone she knows (including me - again).

You have inspired me, also! I have been contemplating planting a garden myself! (And yes, contemplating gardening is a huge thing for me. I hate gardening. Almost as huge as contemplating another child. Scary.) Like your previous commenter, though, onions won't ship to TN easily.