Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shop Talk Saga

...So, this man who has a family gets laid off for two months finally gets another job. He gets hired in as an order picker and is under the impression that he is hired permanently. Then he gets the news that he is being transferred further from home and that he is going to be seasonal. On his third day of work, he works Saturday from 5-1. On his fourth day he is informed that he will be working 10 hour days for quite some time. This man is in shock and kind of disgruntled. He is used to working second shift. Now he goes to bed at like 830, before the kids do and he drags through the day exhausted and a little grouchy. He and his family are now wondering if he will ever get used to first shift and be happy again. And somehow, the family asked God for this job. What were they thinking?! So, now they need another kind of miracle...that this man would adjust quickly! I can't wait to find out what the story will be today!

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