Sunday, May 18, 2008

What to say, what to say?

I have no idea what to blog about lately. I mean interesting stuff. Do you want to hear about my garden? It's all planted now, and this afternoon, the kids are going to go push all the beans down into the dirt. Somehow, that part got missed. I have potato and onion sprouts up already and I transplanted my tomatoes and peppers into the garden.

How about School? Ok. Mystery Girl has 2 weeks left and Calico Kid has 3 weeks left. We are all anxious to be done and over with it. We could all use some sleeping in time!

Work? Dr. O is working 12 days in a row before a day off. He worked 3, had a day off, and is now working 12. Hopefully, after this, it will settle down some. When they work overtime every day, Fri. Sat. and Sun. are all overtime pay. Fri and Sat are time and a half and Sun is doubletime. This could get interesting. poor guy, he has to be to work by 5 am. So that means getting up at 330 to be out the door by 410. Then he gets home about 4pm.

What about health issues? Well, Calico Kid had an eye appt. the other day. We are still aggressively patching his good eye to make his other one work harder. His vision is slowly improving, so I'm thankful for that. Mystery Girl has no health issues. Yay! Dr. O is tired beyond belief and I have very bad seasonal allergies. I wish they would go away. I can't take Benadryl as it knocks me out for hours on end, and can't affort Clariton! I guess cases and cases of kleenex will have to do. Dr. O is disgusted with how many boxes we have gone thru inthe past 2 months. I think we are on box number 6. We have 4 going at all times. One in the bedroom, one in the van, one in the car, and one attached to me by a 50 foot cord! Or so it seems. It follows me around the house and yard all day long. My main concern all day is "where's the kleenex?" as I panic over the runny nose, the sneezing, and the clamping my legs together and holding my back. Believe me, it is not a pain free experience. I'm afraid to leave the house or to drink anything. I just might have an pants...snot all over the place...crippled for life (back blow outs!)

So, now the question is, are we going ot church today? I don't think so. Calico Kid is suffering with a headace. He's had is for 3 days now and I'm afraid if I make him go, it will turn into a migraine and he will miss school and be miserable and whiney and unpleasent to be around. If we don't go, I'm in trouble with the daughter. I can't win for losing I guess!

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