Monday, May 19, 2008

Calico Kid Gets Excited

This personal blog has turned into the family blog. The kids are always asking me if I wrote this or that in my blog and remind me that I need to post their stuff too! Crazy kids! So, how did Calico Kid get excited?

Well, one morning before school while waiting for the bus at the end of the driveway, he turned to find out what was making a noise, when out stepped two deer from behind a pine tree. They startled the kid and he startled them and they took off running across the field that is across the road. So, he runs up onto the porch and starts banging on the window frantically, trying to get my attention. He is gestulating wildly and pointing across the field. I got to the window in time to see the two deer hopping away quickly. He was all excited and I'm telling you, he scared me to death. I thought something was chasing him or something! Anyway, we both finally settled down and he got on the bus! Whew! What a morning, and it's not even 8 am yet!

We have a woodchuck that owns the farm. Seriously! His name is "that crazy rodent" and he has boldly gone where no woodchuck has gone before. I'm quite sure I saw him taunting us yesterday. He crawled into the tall grass on the other side of the driveway (the farmer's side) and stood at the edge of it and stuck his paws in his ears and stuck out his tongue and did the hoola hoola. Then he ventured out further, and did it again and again. I am certain he was looking at the house, at the window where we were all crowded around watching him. He runs past us while we are in the garden or while talking to each other and escapes down his hole under the machine shed. He has three holes that we have found. We tried blocking them up and he just digs another one. He is quite smart. He knows that the trap that was set out for him doesn't work right and he goes right in and steals the food from it and comes back out! Not fair! I think Farmer Tom needs a newer, bigger trap. So, now the whole family is engaged in thinking up ways to catch this thing before it eats up my garden. Dr. O thinks he should gets some really strong duct tape and lay it out in front of the holes and then sit back and watch "that crazy rodent" wrap himself up in it. He thinks that would be fun. I think he's crazy! Calico Kid has been stalking him with a croquet mallet so he can play wack the woodchuck with him. I am NOT in favor of this method, mostly to do with the safety of my child! I figure "that crazy rodent" is too wiley for my kid so they should both be safe, unless he gets cornered. Then we'd have a really big problem, hence, why I'm not in favor of this game. CK has already had to have stitches in his face once, I don't ever want to go through THAT again!

Calico Kid has finally talked me into letting him have a different kind of haircut. He asked for and got a mohawk! Now, don't start having a cow! The beautician did a good job of making it a combination haircut. It can be combed straight forward and look nice and it can be combed to the middle and he has an ittybitty peak down the middle that satisfies the kid. He is not shaved or wild looking, but he is satisfied with the tiny bit of change and I won't have to hear about it anymore for a few months. He's actually quite cute! It can even be spiked like I usually have it for him. So, his pictures should be okay! The thing is, hair is such a little thing to be having fits over, when there are lots of big bad things to be worried about. The hair will grow back in or can be cut again, but other things are so much more permanent and can harm your child. He still has that sweet spirit and is very loving and thoughtful and after all, isn't that what counts?

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