Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Nothings

Well, it seems as if everyone else did something for Memorial Day. We didn't. I cleaned the garage and Dr. O changed the brakes on my van on Sat. then we did a cookout over the firepit. Sun. we went to church and then went shopping and picked up Mystery Girl's pictures. They are very nice. I am well satisfied. Then yesterday, Dr. O mowed the lawn on the hottest, most muggy day of the year. I did nothing. At least not anything that I can remember. Calico Kid worked on a Johnny Appleseed project. So, it seems that this year we aren't doing holidays! I think we just feel very lethargic lately. Maybe some of it is that we are ate the end of the school year and we are all wore out! The kids have already been warned that if I hear that they are 'bored' this summer, that I will have lots of chores the keep them busy. Now I just have to think of them so I can have a list ready! But I think daily chores like dishes, vaccuming, and room cleaning are in order!

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