Thursday, May 29, 2008

They're so Cute!

Do you remember that woodchuck that was dancing and teasing us a few days ago? Well, "that crazy varmint" has a family. It turns out that it was a mamma woodchuck. So far we have discovered 4 babies. I was over at my garden when I saw this strange movement over by the shed. Basking in the sun were 2 baby woodchucks. They contunued to play as I crept closer. Then, out of another hole popped out 2 more. Suddenly, the momma decided that they should come in, so she patted them back into the den. As I stood there waiting, a few minutes later out they rolled again! I spent most of my evening watching them play hide and go seek with me. Calico Kid went and put the nonworking trap in front of one of the holes and lo, and behold, one baby climbed up on top of it to get a bigger look at the world! If only we had a working trap! Now, here's my problem. I know they are very good at destroying gardens and stealing food, but those babies are soooo cute! As Calico Kid said, 'Mom, those babies are really cute, but what are we going to do when they grow up?' Good question. I guess they are going to have to go. But How? I tried to take pictures, but as usual, my camera runs out of battery, just as they pop up, so that's not working! Sorry, I know you've always wanted to see a real baby woodchuck. You've been waiting your whole life, I know!

Mystery Girl is 1 book report and 2 Spelling pages away from finishing school for this year! Yea! We finished Grammar and Math yesterday so we just have 2 things to do today and tomorrow. WooHoo! As you can tell, this has been a long year!

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