Monday, June 2, 2008

Hooray, Hooray

Yippee Ki Ya! We are DONE, FINISHED, COMPLETED with Mystery Girl's school for the year. She is now officially a 7th grader! She finished the last school book report on Saturday and She finished her CAT test today! Everything is mailed or will be by tomorrow. WooHoo! So, today, I took her to BK and to DQ to celebrate, then we went shopping for flowers and shrubs. We came home with tons to stuff to plant. I got 2 hydrangeas, 1 rose bush, and a bunch of red, yellow and purple stuff! So, that's the rest of my week! Planting and digging flower beds, making placement decisions, and driving my hubby buggy over my need for approval for all my flowers! Poor guy, he could care less about the flowers, but he gets recruited to do some of the digging and hauling! Anyway, when it's all done, I think I'll post some pictures of it.

update on those crazy varmints. We caught 5 in 3 days then found we have one more to catch. They aren't too awful smart since we caught 2 babies together, then later the same day caught the momma. I wonder if we'll catch this last one or not. I hope so, my garden will be much safer.

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