Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Party is STILL Rockin

I talked with the kids yesterday and found out that they are doing well. They are having tons of fun swimming everyday! They went to the 1000 Islands I think and did some waterpark, went to a fair, Old McDonald's Farm, swam at a neighbors, and this coming week will be doing fishing and I don't know what else. One bad note, though. Calico Kid lost his glasses. So, his reward for that will be to help pay for the new ones with his birthday money. He's not going to like it, but, that kid needs to learn that he can't keep taking them off and losing them. Grrr. Other than that, they are having a blast. They get to see relatives that are usually only seen once a year.

So, what have I done with my free time, you may ask? Well, I finished one Christmas gift, nearly finished another, and have two to go. I picked green beans 2-3 times, snapped and canned them. I went blackberry picking with a friend and ate them in pancakes. I slept late a couple of days and got up real early on a couple of others. I haven't cooked since the kids left, poor Dr. O. We went out for our anniversary dinner and stayed out until we felt like coming home (as opposed to hurrying home because of the kids!)

And, what did I NOT do? yet? I haven't cleaned house, washed loads of dishes (just the little bit we used), yelled at the kids to get stuff done, or just plain yelled at them. I haven't triple checked to see if Mystery Girl had her lights out at midnight, or touched 1 single toy.

So, how many years to go before I will have empty nest? Oh, about 8-10 years! I am soooo looking forward to it! I just might get to enjoy being me all over again! I might have to get involved with other people and make some good friends and do fun things! I might even have to work! I won't have to clean up toys and kids stuff. I can go for a walk without telling someone when I'll be back! I can grocery shop in half the time. I won't have to look for the kids before I leave the store so they can come home with me! Wow! I won't even have to fight the attitude monster every minute of every day.

Ok, enough of the dreaming! I have some pictures of the sunflowers again. I just love them!
Here is that famous purple pepper plant! See how many there are one each branch?
All that green in the middle is green beans. Ufda! What was I thinking?

These are the potatoes, all 6 varietys.

See all my onions? Isn't this crazy?!

And tomatillas! They are soooo cool! And they are growing in MY garden!

I know, they are green tomatoes, but they will soon be RED tomatoes. I can hardly wait!

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Sheila_T said...

Your gared is wonderful. Enjoy the party. Oh, Happy Anniversary!