Monday, July 14, 2008

There's a Party Goin' On!

WooHoo! Mom's on a 2 week vacation! The kids left yesterday for NY to spend 2 weeks with their grandparents. They were quite excited to go. And you never SAW such showing off! Ufda! Anyway, NOT MY PROBLEM for 2 whole weeks!

So, what am I going to do with myself? I'm going to clean house and it will STAY clean, sew Christmas presents, visit a sick friend, pick and can beans until I'm sick of them, and go out to lunch with another friend! Oh, and I'm going to sleep until I'm not tired, eat forbidden kid food, listen to music that I like, and be ALONE all day long! I may cuddle with the cat and find a million things that I enjoy and do them, just because I can! I might even remember how to be a wife without kids and have some ADULT conversations. You know, ones that don't require me to say dumb things like, 'the floor is not a trash can', or 'don't hug the cat so hard, she (it) doesn't like it.' or lately, the most frustrating one, 'why can't you just get along?' 'Of course, you HAVE to forgive each other. You want to please Jesus don't you?' Just a sampling of everyday conversations. And what's up with all the bickering lately? I'm ready to tie them together until they work it out. GRRR. Anyway, NOT MY PROBLEM for two weeks! Yea!

Mystery Girl did finish one of her book reports for 7th grade before she left. One more to go. She has to finish 'Call of the Wild' and do the report. I thought that was the coolest book ever growing up. So did everyone else I talked to. But not so MG. She HATES it! What's up with that? She said it's because it's only about one character and that making the dogs fight each other really makes her feel bad. If she would make it to the end of the book, she would find out that it all comes out okay. Anyway, it's on the list of acceptable books to read for the report and she is more than half way through it, so I guess their will be NO CHOICE but to finish it at this point. Besides, she needs the discipline of doing things she hates because its the right thing to do. Someday, life will teach it to her anyway, so why not get a head start?!

Calico Kid has been writing stories this summer for his 'summer school' as well as the math that I make him do. He is so much more tractable when there are things to do. He just jumps in and gets them done, then he moves on to more enjoyable things. What a difference between them.

Here's MG holding our newly acquired 'Ginger'. Ginger seems to be good for the kids. They both love to hold, pet and comb Ginger.
Here's our 'Ginger' assuming the position anytime we get close to it. Lazy cat makes you come to it. If you wait long enough, it might come to you eventually. But, on the way over, Ginger assumes the position numerous times! Crazy Cat!
Here's the baby bird that the kids rescued from the cat. It didn't even have all it's feathers yet. It wanted to be fed every hour of the day, and of course, we got nothing else done. After 2 days of caring for this thing, we let it go back to nature. Let nature take care of its own, (even though it probably died). We found out though, that it is illegal to keep wild birds as pets. So, I'm glad that we let it go. Besides, I am not a birdie mommy.
Here, you see the kids in their preferred summer school study areas. Yup, they are sitting in Rubbermaid buckets filled with pillows and blankets. Hey, if it works, who am I to stand in the way!

Here is one of our MANY frogs that the kids catch and play with, they release into my garden. Sometimes, it is unnerving to go into the garden. I'm afraid of stepping on all these frogs. Some of them are positively HUGE. Others are just normal sized or itty bitty. In any case, they are eating the bugs in the garden, which I hate even more! I even tolerate nasty 'daddy long legs' spiders. Shudder. And of course, to pick beans, I have to walk through the bean patch barefoot since I over planted and it's the only way I can reach them without damaging the plants. UGH!

Here is my first sunflower to open. Isn't it pretty? The kids and I just love these sunflowers. Next year, we are planting the giant variety around our back patio. Who know, it may create a bit of privacy from the farmer's shed and employees! Besides, I think that a bright sunny yellow just brightens up the whole yard and our dispositions! Even Dr. O thinks we should plant a sunflower forest! We'll see! I have to find a place for it in full sun.

And here is an updated view of the rock garden. It is really starting to fill in and spread out. Gotta LOVE IT. Hopefully, I can keep it over the winter and not lose all the plants. Otherwise, I'm planting something else next year. Snow in the Summer might look really good there!

Another view of the front of our house with flowers. I am so pleased that they are doing well. It must be all the humidity here. Plants love it, I hate it! Oh, well, at least ONE of us is happy!

These birdfeeders were sent to the kids from their grandparents. They just could hardly wait to put them together. MG's has the painted roof so they could tell them apart. I'm so glad they love birds and nature. They just get so excited!


Amy said...

Wow, your garden is really looking nice! I should have you come do mine! ;-)

I was thinking, maybe in a couple of years or so, when Amber's ready to be away from home for a long time (and fly by herself), what would you think about having her come stay with you for a few weeks in the summer? I think she would really love it, and give her a chance to get to know her cousins better. I don't know if you have space for her, but it's an idea.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed all the news and the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together. Have a great two weeks! Mom

Sheila_T said...

Love the pictures. You are such a wonderful gardener. Sounds like your 2 week vacation is off to a great start.

Love ya,