Monday, July 7, 2008

Where in the Country is Rana?

That's what I would like to know! It seems that we have been having an eventful summer and we haven't even left yet!

Last week we lost power for 27 hours and had to make do without water, electricity, and all the conveniences. It was awful! The storm came on with a rush of wind and sheets of rain (should I say it was raining cats and dogs?). The power flickered, the kids got nervous, then out it went. The storm didn't last real long, the rain stayed for awhile, but the storm part was over in a matter of minutes. It just stormed long enough to knock out power lines and to inconvenience us for the rest of the night and into the next day. So, we went out to eat, bought propane for our lantern and those little mantle thingies. We spent the next better part of an hour getting the lantern lit (in the dark of course!) Finally, light! But no water! Grrr. The next day, I spent bent over a cookfire in the backyard making coffee, bacon, eggs, and potato soup for lunch. Then our really nice landlord took pity on us and hooked up a generator to plug the fridge and freezer into so we wouldn't lose any food. Dr. O came home and cooked hotdogs. Yea! Happy day before 4th of July! Needless to say, we didn't get anything done for 2-3 days. (Can't clean house without power, not even pick-up junk and straighten up!) If it is dark, I can't work! Oh, and toilets? Good thing the landlord had a port-a-potty next to the shed. At least the guys could use it! Gross, gag, hold your nose, hold your breath, and try not to actually sit down! AND HURRY UP!

On Sunday, the kids leave for New York to be with their Grandparents Duell. I get a two week vacation! What's even better, is that I can have a two week anniversary honeymoon. Well, sorta! They leave, Dr. O goes to work, but I get to be home alone and have a clean house the whole time! We are going to wait to celebrate until they are gone. Speaking of which, today is our 2nd anniversary. Hard to believe! After 16 years of hounding the poor guy (I can feel sorry for him now that it's too late!) I get to celebrate anniversaries! Hee Hee! So, for our meal tonight, Cabbage Casserole! How romantic NOT! This is my week to get rid of all the stuff in the fridge. Anyway, back to the 2-week trip to NY, the grandparents are coming to pick them up and drive them back at the end. The odd thing is, it has been 8+ years since I last slept in the same house as my ex-father-in-law! How weird is that? It has been several years for Grandma Susan! It is just unsettling how life's events can cause normal things to feel or seem weird. Anyway!

On a different note, I am applying for a job tonight or tomorrow. I feel a definite need to get out of the house. I'm applying for a position at a flowershop/greenhouse. It will most likely be seasonal, but it is close to home and I think it would be fun. I love giftshops and flowers and things so I think it would be a good fit. Oh, will it interupt homeschool? Possibly, but only during holidays, I think. Anyway, I might not even get the job! Even the name sounds like my style. Christine's Countryside Floral. Cool huh!

You know our Ginger cat? Well, she turned out to be a George cat. The kids wouldn't believe me when I told them, so, I showed them the evidence! Only, there was something missing, which is why it took some time to convince them! So, two blushing crimson kids finally had to admit the truth! Calico Kid said to me, how would you know? You've never seen THAT before! RIGHT! And how do you think I took care of you as a baby?! Well, you've never touched it before! WHATEVER! Think whateer you like kid! So, they thought that the cat was embarrassed and that was why it ran off for a while! More like the kids were embarrassed and the cat was uncomfortable! Anyway, IT is getting a shot in a few days and dewormed, and now we feed it on Sunday! Aren't you proud of us? Actually, it's just to make sure she doesn't starve to death. She (it) is still hunting on her own so we don't feel too obligated to feed her, unless she acts hungry for a while. I think the name Ginger is going to stick, but we shall see. I hope we don't go to George. Yuck! If so, we will have to find a new name!

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