Monday, June 30, 2008

We Trap All Kinds of Critters Around Here

Yup, we sure do! Calico Kid went to check the trap for the woodchuck and found our beloved stray cat. Poor thing, she was quite upset and a little banged up. She attacked the sides of the cage trying to get out and cut her eye and scraped up her nose. I was a little worried that she wouldn't come back to us, but last night, she showed up again. The whole family is relieved that she is okay. Now, if we could only catch the NEW family of woodchucks....!

Well, Mystery Girl went on a road trip to Lake Michigan yesterday and had a great time. She went with a different church group and seemed to get along really well! She came home sooo excited and tired! In fact, today, I can't get her out of bed. She didn't get home to real late, but I think it was good for her to get out among kids her own age and have some fun. Next is another beach party on the 18th that she wants to go to.

In fact, as a parent, it feels good when your kids behave normally and do things that they enjoy. It makes for a happier home life! The kids really enjoyed VBS this past week and we went to their VBS program at church yesterday. Both kids got fearlessly on the stage and did their thing. It was so neat. They were having so much fun. Then, yesterday, with the Middle School Road Trip, Mystery Girl was able to experience some of the privilages of being a teen-ager. Hopefully, the excitement and good behavior will carry through a few days. I really want her to understand that good behavior earns her these kinds of privilages. Bad behavior will prevent her from stuff like this, but I'm hoping that she will "get" it!

Today we are back to a regular (sort of) schedule. We all need it. I'm finding that none of us function well without a schedule or routine. So, back to schoolwork, chores, and regular meals. That will last for a couple of weeks before the next VBS session at another church, then is Activity week at our church and another VBS at another church. That's right, they are going to 3 VBSs this summer! I need them to stay busy! Otherwise they fight and drive each other and me crazy. Then shortly after the last VBS, school will start for real and summer will be over.

My garden is really looking good. I have flowers on everything and I have discovered some tiny peppers forming and some beans. I have 1 zuke so far and a bunch on the way I'm sure. The hardest part of gardening is keeping up with all the weeds! Dr. O and I finally got most of them cleared out temporarily and it looks much better. After all veggies are ripe, I have to process them. That will be a challenge this year. I'm going to try dehydrating, frezing, and canning. Canning went real well last year, so I'm confident that I can learn dehydrating!

Speaking of processing, I went strawberry picking with a neighbor while the kids were in VBS and brought home 2 big buckets of strawberries. I attempted jam, but ended up with wonderful syrup for ice cream. I also froze a bunch for later. I may take the kids with me and do it again and try the jam again. This time I'll have all the supplies before I start and maybe it will turn out better. Last time I kind of got lost since I didn't realize we were out of sugar! How do you run out of sugar? Oh, I know, the kids made Kool-aid, and we made a bunch of cakes in the last couple of weeks!

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