Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Calico Kid! He's ten now! Wow! Well, Calico Kid had a good birthday full of VBS, fun, playing in the rain, and chocolate cake. He got a bunch of drawing supplies from Grandma Susan and from us and some money(lots and lots!) from my parents and from grandparents Duell. He also got a stuffed dog from Dr. O's parents. Thank you all for your wonderful gifts. Oh, we also gave him an electronic fishing game. HE LOVES IT! I just love it when you give a gift and it scores big with the recipient!

Calico Kid wants to use some of his money to buy a computer game called Oregon Trail that they have at his school. It is big on social studies and promotes decision making and following directions. It would be nice to have it as his sister would also be able to use it. Therefore, I think that we need to buy it instead of him! Otherwise it will be a point of contention.

Yesterday and today I have been really sore. I'm not sure if it is from gardening or from the tension of the accident we saw. Either way, I hurt all over!

Now I need to go punish the cookie thief, so I'll be back another time.

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