Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Week in Review

Let's see, since the last post Dr. O had his birthday and turned forty something. Unbelievable! He was lucky and had the day off from work. The kids went all out and made signs to hang up. He is now the proud owner of signs that say, YOU ROCK! WE LOVE YOU! YOUR COOOOOL! ZOO TIME, YAY! (I don't know why the last one, but they must have wanted to go to the zoo!) Calico Kid stayed up til, like, midnight stenciling them in his room. The next morning, they booted him out of the house while they decorated. Then they decided to cook him breakfast. They made rolled up pancakes (I did the cooking). I made him a peanut butter marble cake with peanut butter frosting. He loved it! He just soaks up the lovin' he just won't admit to it!

The next day was Sunday, our family reunion. We had it at this horrible park that I'm just sure we all got some sort of disease at. The mosquitos where just awful. They hung out in clouds and feasted on us with all their might. I think it was just as bad or worse as the one we had in ND a few years ago. Poor Mystery Girl got 32 bites on one arm. She is one walking pus filled itchy girl. We are now all itching and scratching and going crazy all night. I bought some of that Benadryl itching gel. It seems to be really helping. MG even went in swimming in the trout stream. crazy kid! Afterward, some of the family came to visit for a couple of hours before heading back home.

Monday was such a boring day! It seemed that all the kids did was fight and cry! Grrr. Then today I found out about a VBS nearby and went and dumped them for the morning! I get to have the next 3 mornings off! Yay!

After I picked the kids up, we headed to town to pick up more soil. (As if I don't have enough in my garden and backyard!) While at the store, we were witness to a bad accident. Calico Kid saw the whole thing happen, right in front of the store we were at. Poor kid, he said it made his heart hurt. Anyway, I had opportunity to talk with one of the ladies and pray with her. She was very frightened and was screaming, "I feel like I'm going to die!" Over and over. She wouldn't let go of my hand, so I stayed with her til the paramedics told me to leave. It was really a strange experience to be on the other side of that kind of accident. What was even more strange, was that the VBS lesson for today was, "God gives us strength to help others." So, today, the kids got a real live, practical example of what that means. They kept telling me afterward that that's a lesson they will never forget. I guess that's what it means to be instant, in season and out. They had talked about the blind man that Jesus healed with mud on his eyes and the good Samaritan.

So, tonight as I wind down from the day, I am reflecting that life is never what you expect it to be. I was hoping to relax before the next event, when I realized that tomorrow, CK turns 10. So, it's another cake in the morning and hopefully it will be a nice day. The kids want to go swimming, but I think it's supposed to have rainstorms tomorrow. We shall see! I think after tomorrow, things should settle down again.

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