Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When I last wrote, I said that we have a new stray cat. Yup, we do. And I'm glad. It is a playmate for the kids and a comfort for the sad! I had to do some real fast talking to Dr. O about letting it stay. We still can't feed it or let it inside, but the kids spend a lot of time outside playing or cuddling with her. We named her Ginger since I think she looks like ginger ale! I'm especially glad we are letting it stay because of Mystery Girl. She needs a companion. She is 12 and still a little isolated (by choice of behaviors) and needs a friend. So, Ginger gets a lot of hugs and pets and is talked to constantly. She is a domestic cat that I think someone must have dropped off sometime. I think that because she is so clean and healthy. She has a glossy coat and fat on her ribs. She is soft except for those teeth and claws! The first few days, she was prone to try to bite and scratch, but now has learned that it is not okay and the kids have learned that when she wants to go, to let her go! She hunts for her food, but is always begging from the humans. Still, we want her to hunt to keep the rodent population down. She also eats bird, which I'm not as happy about, but it's the nature of the beast. You eat what you can catch. Even Dr. O is kind to her and pets her occassionally (and he HATES cats!) He has been warned by the kids that if he hurts their kitty that Mommy would have to beat him up! They're probably right! Anyway, the landlord approves her, so that settles the matter in my mind! Cool, a maintenace free pet! Nothing could be better!

Ok, enough about the cat. We are entering our busy time for the next two weeks. We have a family reunion and two Birthdays to get through by next Wednesday. The reunion is all the Woodhull and Company, where I know very few people and am usually bored out of my skull, but it is important to the hubby, so we are going. Every year, I guess, less and less people come. This year the excuse is that the gas costs too much. I guess they are right! The day before that is Dr. O's b-day. At least this time he has the day off from work (unless he gets overtime!) Then is Calico Kid's b-day. My baby is going to be 10. I can not believe it. How did we get to this place? Where did the years go? Now I have an almost teen and a almost pre-teen! It seems like there is a major change that takes place at 10 and 12. Like they are transisioning AGAIN into more interesting people. Their baby stages were fun and interesting, but I didn't get to spend a lot of time enjoying them as I had to be at work a lot. I am a firm advocate of stay at home moms. Life is too short to waste missing spending time with your kids. I realize that it is not always possible for one reason or another. I have had both in my life, and I very much prefer being a SAHM. I know my kids so much better than I used to. They are a lot more fun and interesting than I ever dreamed they could be! And the nice thing is that they LOVE having me home. My son takes me for walks thru the orchard and talks my ear off all the while holding my hand. He comes up and gives me hugs spontaneously as well as on demand! My daughter spends a lot of time hugging me and talking to me. We are beginning to finally understand each other and she has settled down a lot since I have begun to stay home. She, in particular, really needed a SAHM and the first opportunity to do so, I jumped at it and I am sooo glad. Her personality hasn't so much changed, as her behaviors and attitudes are beginning to change. Besides, It's a full time job to keep house and be a mom. I don't know how I ever did it before.

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