Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm on Break

Well, today, I am canning. AGAIN. This time it is pickles. 21 quarts. Half as many as last year. Then I am going to be going corn, tomato paste and tomatoe juice, and hopefully, I'll get to the garden huckleberries. I've got to make a pie filling then can it. I'm also going to try to get some master mix made today, so I can have that for all kinds of sauces. Right now, I'm on break (lunch break) then back to work. I might get finished by midnight if I keep at it!

Yesterday, I painted the living room, moved all the furniture in there about 3-4 times, and ate dinner, then went to bed. I was wiped out! But now, I have room for the piano that the in-laws are giving me and the room feels clean and sterile again!

By the way, if you have a lawn mower or big freezer to give away, we are in need of one! The kids were each assigned to pray for one of them. So, since God listens to kids, I am expecting results rather soon.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the pressure canner. I am using it today for the first time. I will be sure to place it under the tree at Christmas and fill it with some goodies for the family to share! Happy, Happy!

Any job ideas anyone? We are in the market for a new one. Dr. O I mean. He's been laid off again. So, back to square one. Living by faith is starting to take on a new meaning for us. Grrr...or should I say PTL? Whatever!

School starts in 2 weeks and 2 days. Yea! I think! Anyway, I think we are more ready for it than last year.

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roniarch said...

Lots of houses for sale/rent in this area! Might be able to help with a job, too. I suppose that's not gonna happen, huh? No, you like it where you are, and you are getting settled in and lots of friends.