Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Caught Up (For Now)

Well, for now, until more veggies are picked and or show up, I'm all caught up. Now, to catch up on the housework. It's actually not too bad. It must be because instead of making messes, the kids have been watching videos and the Olympics. Not that the TV is staying permanently, but it has helped the kids to be occupied while I slave away in the kitchen.

Let's see, I have a ton of green beans now, chicken soup, beef stew, veggie soup, Boston baked beans, bean soup, huckleberries, corn, salsa (2 kinds) Master Mix (meat sauce), tomatillas, and tomato sauce. Soon to come is tomato juice, more corn, and salsa.

We are picking potatoes, onions, carrots, and peppers for everyday use. And picking squash for giving away.

Okay, enough on the food category. I make so much of it that I have a hard time eating it! I live in the kitchen and the sight of food is disgusting to me at this time!

School begins soon and I think we are ready. It is time to get life back to normal. The kids have been practicing all summer so they should be right on schedule.

Today, I think I'm going to do some cross-stitch and finish my dresser scarf that is going to be goin on top of my piano. Oh, yes, the piano that my in-laws are going to bring down on of these weekends. I should have it within three weeks or so. I'm quite excited. I can plunk away to my hearts content. I don't play well, but with a piano in the house, I can at least get somewhat better. The opportunity is there, so possibly, I can improve and develop a new skill. How exciting! Plus, it will help while away the hours during the winter and give me something to look foreward to during the holidays.

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