Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ice Cream Social

We tried something new today! We went to an ice cream social where we didn't know anyone. It was advertised by the side of the road, so we stopped and had some ice cream.

Today, I accomplished NOTHING. Hubby did the cooking. We watched movies and sat around all day. It felt kinda nice to take a rest day.

The job lookout...well, okay I guess. Dr. O went and applied at a couple more places. He also looked into getting new glasses. So, in a couple of weeks, he has an appointment for and eye exam and to choose new glasses. It's an answer to prayer. He needs them so VERY badly. Someone from our church called and offered to pay for them. So, we will finally have new glasses.

I'm not sure why I'm writing again today. I think maybe just to get stuff on paper (computer) and to unload. The hard times are really very hard and it is difficult to stay in a good mood and to be positive all the time. On the other hand, it is good for us to go thru the hard times, since that's when God seems to work on us to better us. I just wish it wasn't so sucky! The blessings keep coming and we can see how God is working, but it just doesn't make it easier to deal with mentally or emotionally. Oh, well. I'm just waiting on the piano! That's my goal for now.


Sheila_T said...

Hi Rana,
The ice cream social sounded like a fun adventure. Who put it on and were the people friendly? Just curious.
Today I started another doily. It is a 1930's pattern and it is fun to do.
Have a great new day,

Mrs_X said...

Came across your blog randomly! It's so wonderful to see there are still moms out there who like to do things the old fashioned way!