Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Blessings

Through all these hard times, we have had blessings galore. We have friends and family that love us and think about us. We have food in the freezer and the cupboard. We have a roof over our heads and a car in the driveway. We have children who love us (most of the time!) We have children who love to go to church and to serve Jesus. What more could we ask?

Today, when I woke up, my son was making thin pancakes, his favorite meal. The kids are learning how to cook and they usually chose to make things that I like. Thin pancakes is a favorite here, we've even taught daddy how to like them and make them! Another dish they are getting pretty good at is eggs. Eggs scrambled, fried, and omletted. I'm so glad they are learning to cook. At least they won't starve when they leave home!

My friend Annette stopped by Friday afternoon and we had a great talk. Afterward, I felt so greatful for my (normal) life! She's a great person to spend time with. After our talk, she convinced me to take a walk with her. We walked 3 MILES. Holy Cow! I can't remember the last time I walked that far. Anyway, we had a goal. We had to reach Linda's house (another friend of ours)before we could turn around. When we got there, we went in for a visit and filled up the water and took a potty break! Then walked all the way back again. The kids followed along or raced ahead on their bikes. So, we all got some exercise. Yesterday, my legs felt like lead and twitched a lot, but I think that's just from not being used to being used! Today they feel better.

Since I started the happy pills, I can tell a difference and even my family can tell. I have been much more calm through these crisis than before. With Dr. O working, then not working, then working, then not working, etc. our household has been having a hard time settling into a routine and getting used to the way things are going to be. They are constantly changing. Mystery Girl and I have the hardest time with change and we spend the most time at home, so it has been hard. In any case, the pills have helped me to be more calm and happy through it all. I don't like to take meds, but I think I'm beginning to like this one anyway.

I've decided that Mystery Girl is going back to school in January. She needs to get back with kids her age. It would be good for her to be on a schedule as well. After she goes back to school, I will be able to consider getting a job to help out around here. I'm still not very excited about looking and working, but I need to find something part time I think. I'm looking at the Census jobs right now. It might be a good experience. I need to find out more information about it though. I don't know exactly where I would have to travel to. It may be too far out. Anyway, I'll be checking it out.

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