Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Over!

Yay! The election in over! No, my candidate did not win. But did you see his speech?! It was wonderful. I admire this man's grace. This man truly loves his country. I was imagining what it must have been like to be a POW and come back to America.

Dr. O goes back to work on Mon. He will be a visual inspecter for a third party company. He will go into different places and inspect parts that have been returned and sort them.

Calico Kid has been sick since Mon. night. He's finally feeling somewhat better, but I'm taking him to the Dr. today for the sore throat. He's probably got Strep again. Grrr.

Yesterday, someone dropped off 2 bucks in our garage. So, Dr. O and I spent the entire day butchering deer. When we finished, we were sooooo tired. Our backs hurt, our legs hurt, our arms and hands hurt. We both got cuts. But the freezer is nearly full! WooHoo! Now I need to find some venison recipes. Most of it was chunked or shall I say cubed. We will have meat for a LONG time!

Well, have a great day!

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Rod Speed said...


Cool. It looks like the Lord is providing for you. I'm glad the election is over, too.