Sunday, November 2, 2008


I. Am. So. Sick. Of. This. Campaign. I will be SOOOOO glad when it's over! Everybody is emotional, opinionated, and tied up with which candidate should win. Ok, if you are so concerned, VOTE! and MAKE IT COUNT! If you KNOW that your canidate is going to lose, why vote for him? Kinda dumb don't ya think? Anyway, I suppose after Tues. there will be a multitude of angry people to deal with. All I can say is if you didn't vote, you have no right to be angry. I pray that we don't head into the era of Socialism. Instead of destroying our nation from without, we will be destroying it from within. We have become the nation of Isreal sold into Babylon. Welcome to slavery America. The Land Of The Free and the Home of the Brave!

On the home front, we are still trying to get in the 90 days til Dr. O gets hired in permanently. Kinda hard to do when they call and say there's not enough work, so take some time off!

One of our prayers has been answered! Yup, someone gave us a deer! We now have some deer meat in the freezer! We ended up with some roasts, steaks, ans stew meat. It was a small doe, so there wasn't a lot of meat on it, but we will take every bit we can get. We may have another one coming soon. Plus, our neighbor is cleaning out her freezer. She said she's sick of venison, so we could have hers!

Homeschool. It's driving me crazy. We did fairly well for a while, but now comes the defiance. I was going to put her back in school in Jan. but now I'm not sure. I made out her assignments through Dec. and discovered that 6 of 8 classes will be done by the end of Feb. The other two we can double up on if need be after that. So, I thought, why not let her finish this year out at home, then when it's all done, send her back to school for the last 2-3 months so she can get aclimatized again and they will have time to do some testing and we can get her on meds before summer and before 8th grade. Anyway, just thinking about it still.

Yesterday Mystery Girl cut her own hair. I'm not sure if she was mad at me or what. I'm pretty sure that she was, she always is. So, when I turned around to look at her, I got a shock. She cut it above her shoulders. So, last night, I had to fix it. It was all jagged. I was mad, mad, mad. But Dr. O was even more mad than I was. He likes long hair and it hurt his feelings, I think. He told me to shave her bald. But of course I'm not doing that! Anyway, it's all bouncy now and it actually looks pretty good for now.

Anyway, it was a day of frustrations and outbursts.

Yesterday, it was nice out, so we trasplanted a bunch of stuff before it freezes to death. I had strawberries, lavendar, ornmental grasses, irises, and other bulbs to plant. I'm glad we had a nice day to work in. It's been yucky weather everytime Dr. O has off work. He is my hole digger! We also decided on some new lanscape ideas for next year. It will give me a lot more room for planting. Plus, I'm going to give the kids an area to plant for themselves. I'm really excited about planning the new garden. In the spring, we will move some of the plants again into their permanent spots. Then we are also going to get some paving stones for a walkway. It will make the mowing eaiser and will give us more privacy out the back door. I did sunflowers this year. I'll probably to them again next year along with hollyhocks. They are very tall too!

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Anonymous said...

Remember - it's just hair. It could be a lot worse. And she always did look good with her hair a little shorter. Laugh at the non-events and keep your own hair from going gray. (Also takes away her "power"). Miss you guys. Mom