Friday, December 19, 2008

Jesus Goes Techie

Due to the massive amounts of Baby Jesus dolls that are stolen annually, the company that makes and supplies them for outdoor Nativity Sets, has begun installing a GPS in each doll. Okay, if you want Jesus so badly, you don't have to steal Him. He is a free gift. If however, you are stealing Him because you hate Him, He really can't be stolen either! Some people are sooooo dumb. In any case, A GPS might work for people keeping track of their Jesus dolls, but, you know, He has his own GPS system to keep track of all of us. That's right, He keeps track of us! With no effort whatsoever!

Today begins Christmas Vacation. It was to begin tomorrow, but we had a snow day today. We got about 10-12 inches of snow since 4 am this morning. Our next storm is scheduled to hit Sat. night or Sun morning. So, today, we had pajama day and then I sent the kids out to bury themselves in the snow. Calico Kid even dug out a snow cave for Ginger, who did NOT appreciate it. Poor Kitty! Mystery Girl made chocolate chip cookies then didn't want to share them. Pout! They even turned out really good, AND she followed the recipe.

Our landlord finally got someone to finish housewrapping the house this past week. Oh, My, Goodness. It's actually almost warm in the house! Actually, it's much warmer, but, Dr. O is still keeping the temp at 62. We even got a new door installed into the mudroom. It actually latches and is insulated (I think). Now, only 1 door, 2 garage doors, new carpet upstairs, and a new patio and paved front walk and we'll be all set. :)

I'm all doctored out. Every time I go, I get scheduled for something else. Let's see, I've had my blood drawn, had my pap, mamogram, dietician, xrays, and now, I have to see the eye doctor and then find a dentist. Please don't dream up any more appointments!

I'm sure I had something else to write on, but now I can't think of it, so I guess that means I'm done for now!

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