Monday, December 15, 2008

No, I Haven't Died Yet!

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post! I must be getting slack...or boring...or something! So, what have I been doing? Nothing spectacular, just recouping from homeschooling. I have caught up on some reading, Sudoko puzzles, and sleep (sort of). At least I'm napping! Getting up at 6 to get the kid off on the bus at 645 is murderous to my constitution.

Mystery Girl has been excited about school. I'm so glad! I think she really likes going. At least for now. She says that her teachers 'challenge' her and that she likes that! Way to go Girl! She was sick all last week and on Thursday I finally gave us and went and got her from school and kept her home Friday. She hasn't had such a nasty cold in forever, so, it's probably from going to school (all the new germs that she hasn't been exposed to before.) The homework....well....NOT MY PROBLEM anymore! Telling, coaxing, begging, ordering her just makes her mad and blow up, so....she will have to learn the hard way! Oh, well! Yesterday, she was yelling at Dr. O and I about not letting her learn anything, that we 'shelter' her too much and that she wants to learn about the 'real world'. In other words, we wouldn't let her watch a TV show! She wouldn't stop yelling at us, so I told her to tell Grandma and Grandpa all about how mean and controlling we are! So, wonderful mom that I am, I dialed the phone for her and handed it to her. In any case, she was still mad, but she stopped yelling at us and had a sane conversation with her grandparents! Thanks M & D for listening to her! You helped us out a bunch!

Calico Kid on the other hand, got right down to his homework and got it done. He is doing really well in school. I keep saying that, but I am sooooo impressed. He has done so well this year. I think it has a lot to do with his reading ability and the fact that he really wants to do well. It took him a while to get to this point, but he is taking right off and flying high!

Today is very cold and windy. It is about 14 degrees out with windchills of -5 - 0 degrees. The wind is blowing about 20-25 mph. BRRRRR. So, we are listening to Christmas music and cleaning house. At least it's cheerful INSIDE! I also mailed my Christmas cards today. Yay, another job done!

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