Saturday, December 27, 2008


Merry Christmas! How was YOUR Christmas? Ours was pretty good. We had relatives from Monday til today.

One of the gifts we received was a game of Othello. Now, we have an old one, but I can't remember were it came from. Did I buy it a looooong time ago? Or did I 'borrow' it from my father? Maybe you can tell me Dad? If yours is missing, I'll give it to you the next time you come visit me :)

The kids each got a voice changer. Who was that from???!!! I don't mind so much when they are far away from me. But next to me or in the same room.....Well....! Calico Kid also got a NERF GUN. So, now everyone is dead. We've all been shot to dollrags. Then, he went and bought another gun with some of his money, so we had a WAR going on. There are bullets all over the house. His NERF gun is in two pieces, so we ended up with three guns to have a war with! Grandpa Woodhull was the most frequent target, and he had fun with it!

Mystery Girl got a doll and some clothes and then went and bought another set of clothes with her money. So, now the doll has 2 sets of clothes and a set of pajamas! She loves her doll. I think she named it Jasmine. Of course, they also got movies which they've watched already, 2-3 times. That was used for 'quiet time'!

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