Monday, January 5, 2009

Can You Believe It?

Whadda ya know! Our 15 day Christmas vacation turned into 17 days! The day before vacation the kids had to stay home due to a 'snow day', and now, today, the first day back to school in 2009 is also a 'snow day' (actually, it's ice). Totally not fair! As if I don't need a vacation from them. Phooey!

Yesterday we had a mystery writing contest. Mystery Girl had to for an assignment, Calico Kid thought he could do it better, and since they were doing it, I thought I should try! MG - didn't tell me she had to do this til Thursday then expected me to do it for her. NOT HAPPENING! So, she finally got started on it yesterday. Now, what's wrong with doing the work BEFORE it's due?! She didn't get very far. That's what she will be doing today! CK - wrote a Hardy Boys style mystery. At least a nice exerpt of one. He LOVES action! When he's done with it, I'll post it on here for you all to read. Then, there's me - Well, I got one page done. it sounds really kinda cool. It's about 3 sisters, Faith, Hope, and Charity who solve the case of the Missing Hymnals. This one just might be a keeper. We'll see!

New Years Resolutions - I'm not making any. What's the point? I never keep them so, I'm not making them. I would like, however, for Hubby to find and keep a job. I would also like to see our vehicles put in good, driveable condition. Especially Dr. O's car. I'd like to lose weight and keep it off. I'd like to see my sisters and parents this year. I'd like to have a nice vacation to SOMEWHERE ELSE! But, I'm not resolving, just hoping, wishing and praying. Good Enough! Most of all, I want to grow closer to God and be a good steward of all that he has given me. My talents, money (or lack thereof), family, friends, and my church.

This has been a very hard year for us, yet God has pulled us through with miracle after miracle. I pray that we as a family would remain greatful for all He has done. Let us never forget His greatness.

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