Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is the New Year in foresight...

Thanks to all of you for having patience with me when I didn't post for awhile. We are experiencing change management here at home. It has been a very difficult time for us and I get tired of the complaining that is just waiting to come out, so I haven't been saying much.

#1) Dr. O is still looking for a job.

#2) I have begun looking for a job.

#3) We have both been going to training/information classes to find out about going to school.

#4) We have both been taking tests for employment, school, interests, and aptitude.

#5) We both may be going back to school in April/May

Word of advice, don't go take these tests with your hubby. Especially if you score higher than him. It will make him feel badly and then make you feel badly (because you LOVE him and want the BEST for him.) Not to feel badly for yourself, but you know, support the hubby?!

Okay, the good news! Michigan Works (employment agency), through the No Worker Left Behind program may be able to help me get my second Bachelor's degree to make me more employable. Very Cool. Now, I just need to decide which school and program I want to pursue. I have my BS in Business Admin. I am thinking of going for one in Management or HR or Financial Management or maybe Database Management. Hmmmm. There it is folks, I have to make a decision. Tell me what you think.

Dr. O is looking at the A+ Certification. That would also be covered by the same program. Ok, NWLB is a program that pays for 2 years of school, tuition, fees, books for people trying to get back into the workforce or who have been left in a glitch due to this economic dilemma. The hitch is that it needs to be a high demand job catagory. They both seem to fit.

More good news, because I am prior military, I do not have to take a civil service test and if I get hired by any govt. company, I will have already accumulated vacation time and can get excellent benefits.

So, does this mean that I will go to work, and Dr. O will be a stay at home dad and do housework, cook, clean and be the primary parent? is quite possible. At least for a while.

So, I foresee that this year is going to be another year of change. Hopefully, positive change. I foresee a job and education. I foresee a change in family roles and duties.

And now you are caught up with our lives. Catch us next time on As The Earth Rotates.


Rod Speed said...

Whatever decision you make in this case will probably be the right one. Imagine, a test with only right answers!

Christine said...

Good luck Rana!