Thursday, January 22, 2009

As the Earth Rotates - Episode 2

Lets see, there have been a couple of new changes, or at least ideas presented. Nothing set in stone of course.

On Sunday, I broke down and spent some money to get my hair trimmed and styled. $15 well spent. I now have bangs again and the technician was able to frame my face more by tapering the front sides. I now feel much more attractive and employable. Then I broke down and bought a straightening iron to try to tame the rest of my not straight but not curly hair. Waves are okay, by I always feel messy. Hence the straightening. Also, the iron is cheaper by far than a perm! How many curling/straightening irons does a girl need anyway? There's the tiny 3/4 inch iron, the 1 1/2 inch iron, and the straightener. Oh, and two blow dryers. One of which I should just throw away. It's mostly dead, has been for a long time.

On Tuesday, I decided that I wanted to go to school for Business Management. I thought possibly a 2nd Bachelor's. Then Cornerstone University called me to ask why I didn't take their Master's program. Hmmmm.....well, I honestly didn't think of it and didn't think that NWLB would cover it. Now, I have to see. It is about $1000 cheaper then a BS. $360 per credit hour. 12 classes plus fees and books ($120 per book per class!!!) Maybe I could get them off of

Only one problem with all these plans. NWLB doesn't have any money right now, and we have to be on a list, waiting for our turn to go to school. There is another problem. The college is telling me that NWLB will pay more than NWLB said they would. I AM NOT TAKING OUT ANY LOANS. Been there, done that. Definitely need grants and scholarships. At least Grants. Lots of grants. But, the total cost is around $14,500.

The good part - it is through an adult education program. I would only go to school once a week for 4 hours, for 6 weeks at a time. Just like at Regis University. Very Cool!

I've also applied for several good jobs this past week. Pray that one of them would come through. They look like, and feel like a good fit. We really need one of us to start working almost immeadiately. We're running out of unemployment. Which is really where the stress comes in. God has been and is being very gracious and good to us. We have blessing galore. But, it is still stressful. Keep us in your prayers. Tune in next time for Episode 3 (whenever there is one, that is!)

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