Thursday, January 29, 2009

As the Earth Rotates Episode Three

Well, things are moving along nicely. I have applied for 14 different jobs using different job agencies on the web along with Michigan Works which is our unemployment office. I've contacted Cornerstone University about getting my Masters Degree through the No Worker Left Behind program. All of this is so exciting for me.

Now, on Saturday I have an interview for a part-time job. I have another company that wants to interview me. However, I think I'll not do that one. It is selling insurance and I DO NOT WANT TO SELL STUFF. Some of those job banks I get kind of suspicious of. They list 'Company Confidential'. Then they try to recruit people who don't want to do their brand of work. Mostly selling things. Anyway, the job I'm going to interview for is for Admin Assistant at a company that does business coaching. They teach businesses how to succeed. So, I would be taking calls and mailing out materials and that sort of thing.

Of course, I'm still keeping my options open. After all, I did apply for 14 different jobs. Some of them are much more interesting to me. We shall see! I'm just praying that God will open the right doors and make whatever job I take to be a good fit with home, family, work, and school.

Ah, yes, school. Cornerstone University called me yesterday to let me know that my paperwork has been submitted by NWLB and has been filled out and returned. It looks as if I may be a student rather soon. I'm so excited about that thought! I wanted to go for my Masters in Business when I finished my Bachelors, but promised myself that I wouldn't take out more loans. Now, it looks as if NWLB will pay 10K of it and I only need to find about $4500 through grants and scholarships. I am saying this all on faith right now of course, but I VERY MUCH WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL AGAIN!

Sunday night I had a very strange experience. I kept hearing someone say 'Mom' in a low, monotone voice, like someone was groaning or moaning. I got up to check on Calico Kid. Nope, not him, he was sound asleep. So, back to bed I went. Then it happened again. Well, maybe it was hubby snoring in a funny way. So, I listened very closely. Nope, not hubby. Well, what on earth was going on anyway? Finally, after about the 3rd time, I said, "God, are you doing the Samuel / Eli thing?" Then I heard clear as day, "You need to fix your resume." "Well, okay, like, how?" "Add all your AF awards and double check everything for accuraacy." "Ok, remind me when I get up in the morning!" Then I dozed off for a while. Next thing I know, I'm wide awake again. "Give your resume to the church." "Ok, I can do that." "Call Linda and ask about learning her accounting program for experience or at least exposure." "Well, alright. I can do that." It went on like that for a while! By 5am I was wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and fixed up my resume. It was a strange experience for me, but I felt so much peace and some excitement about our future.

God has really come through for us this past week. I can hardly wait to find out what He's going to do next! Dr. O has been working this week doing cleanup for a construction site. That came out of the blue, too. Some guy didn't show up for work so his boss called our church to find another worker. They told him to call Dr. O. How cool is that?!

Another thing that happened was that a lady in our church wants to show all my stories to some people. It is so exciting that someone wants to read them or use them! I've been praying for an opportunity to use them. Well, next time!

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Sheila_T said...

I'm so excited at what God is doing for you all! It's interesting that God's timming is always never when you want it, but also Always on Time. God is so faithful.
I just love you guys!

Blessings to you,