Friday, February 6, 2009

Episode Four (or Good Grief Already!)

I suppose you have been wondering about the job interview. It interview was great! Thanks for asking. Oh, is was a group interview. Here's the lowdown. 150 people applied for ONE position. 90 people said that they would come to the interview. 45 people showed up. After the first hour, all but 12 left. So, most of the crowd deselected themselves and I only had to compete with 11 other people. Hmmm..... At least 5 were a definite no, just from listening to their answers. They came unprepared and had little on the ball. That narrowed it down to 7. Well, when we left, we were told that we would be contacted for both yes or no. They were going to interview only 4-5 in a personal interview. Well, okay, I felt I had a good chance, but you know, it could be kinda iffy to get the 2nd interview. Finally, I got word that I was not chosen. Oh, well. It was only 10-20 hours a week anyway. But still, disappointing. It was a good experience though. It was really strange being able to see your competition and be able to rank yourself based on what you thought of yourself and the others. Comparison has its good points and bad. Anyway, I came out of it with a better idea of what I'm up against and what I need to work on. I felt that I did pretty well, though. Just need to clean up some of the rough edges a little more.

Now, I am still looking for a job. I'm running out of good prospects on the web. Not that I prefer that. Just that it is miles to ANYWHERE and I have to figure out where to go and when.

Now, for other news. I'm still reading Louis L'Mour books to Calico Kid. It is the greatest way to keep the family QUIET! They all sit down to listen, or the others go off and do something alone. We are reading about the Sackett family. There is a lot of shooting, horses, indians, rustlers, cows and of course action. Right up this kids alley. It makes for some good quality/quantity time with the kids. They don't feel 'ignored'.

It has been suggested to me to turn one of my stories into a children's book. That is an interesting thought. I may have to consider that idea. I would need to change it slightly and get some illustrations done. But I really like that idea. I wish I knew how to go about getting it published. I think I need to make some investigative ventures and find a publisher. Remind me sometime to do that!

I am having someone from our church evaluate my stories and give me some hints or tips or just plain feedback. I'm also looking at maybe auditing a creative writing class, just to see if I can find more areas to write in. We'll see.

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