Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Hilarious!

What is? you ask. My hubby and the cat. Why? Well, Hubby HATES cats. He chases them down to do bodily harm. But, Ginger loves Hubby. He follows him around the house all day. He leaves his comfy nest of blankets, pillows, and kids, and goes to jump on Hubby's lap, just because he coughed, laughed, or spoke kindly to him. Hubby is truly a cat thief around here. Ginger is Hubby's study buddy, he helps fix the cars, checks out the garden before we plant. He has decided to belong to Hubby. NOT FAIR! and completely funny. (It brings out the gentleness that is hiding in Hubby!) And, because this cat has Chosen the Hubby, Hubby can't get enough of the attention! He purposely coaxes Ginger away from the rest of us. (Talk about soft spots!)

To all you on Facebook. I'm sorry for the lack of communication going on over here. Our computer is soooooooo slow, that I don't get there very often. While waiting to get logged in and read comments, I have to make dinner and clean the house in order to pass the time. So, I do read comments, but hardly ever post anything. Very time consuming.

Blen, congrats on your surgery. I'm glad you went ahead and got it done. You will feel sooooo much better. Hubby has three sisters who got it done. Two of them are doing very well. In a year, they have both lost over 90 pounds each. The other sister, did well until her hubby got in the way. Don't let ANYONE get in your way. It will mean changing the way the whole family eats. You gotta be a stickler on that or your children may be the next ones who have a weight problem. Anyway, I'm proud of you for taking this step. Good luck and God be with you.

You've heard me mention the blog Because I Said So. Dawn Meehan has just had her first book released today. I am reading it right now. It is very well written and so easy to relate to as a mom. I just love this book. I am also very glad that I only have two kids instead of six. It makes me tired just thinking about it! So, head over and check out her website and order her book.

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