Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I thought I was done with school

I must say that this past month has been crazy, and I'm not even sure where it went. Last time I was trying to figure out how to spend a ton of money on groceries. I still haven't figured it out, but oh, well! At least we are eating much better, and healthier.

This past week, Dr. O started back to school to get certified in A+ and Network+, a computer hardware program so he can fix computers and such. Don't ask me what 'such' is. It just is. On May 18th I begin my Master's for Business Management. I am excited, but nervous, too. It is a big responsibility to go back to school. I'm also looking into more avenues for my writing. I sure would like to get that off the ground.

I am getting ready to plant some things before setting them out in the garden. Then I have to measure out where I want to place the new garden beds around the yard. Yup, this is going to be a year full of changes.

I sometimes hear anxiety and worry over our situation. And yes, it does get a little old after a while. But here's the cool thing. We have a unique opportunity to grow in our personal lives, that we may not have had otherwise. There is nothing like adversity that will character more quickly. We have learned that in whatever state we are in, to be content. That alone is a huge blessing for us. And, I look at it this way. It creates a whole lot less debt, to be content.

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