Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Time To Dig

Today, we rototilled the vegetable garden and made a new flower bed. That is ALL we did. But it took all day to do it. The veggie garden wasn't so hard because it had already been tilled and used. The new flower bed took a loooooonnnnggg time. You have to be careful when breaking new ground. If you don't the tiller runs away from you and drags you behind. NOT SAFE! Tomorrow we will do two more beds. I guess by the time we move out, I'll have the yard just the way I want it!

This week I also filled out all the paperwork for my new student loan. Scary. Just one more thing to pay for later, but, it will help me finish school. I think it's a good thing. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a job afterwards. I'd better!!!!

Other than that, I have been helping kids with all their school projects. Mystery Girl had a science project for the science fair. She got a B+. Yay!!!! Calico Kid is finishing his project on the New England Colonies. They have to do a diorama. So he chose to do the Boston Tea Party. I'm trying to get some of Boston on the board, but he's more concerned about the Ship. Grrr. AND, he can't find his pirate ship he wants to use. I guess we'll have to print one out and glue it to the diorama. It does look pretty good tho. Soon, this will all be a memory! Then begins MY journey back to school!

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