Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is Having a Teen Any Different From Having a Preteen?

Well, I'm not sure! Sometimes, I can see the maturity begin to gather in little pockets here and there. Sometimes, I can still see the toddler (more frequently) and the strong-headedness that rules our home. I am anxious to not have so many eggshells to walk on! Actually, I don't walk on them much, but the daily explosions do become nerve-wracking. At least, the temper tantrums don't last as long and I can usually reason her out of bad temper! Actually, she is becoming more fun to spend time with as a girl and a daughter. We can shop together and be interested in some of the same things, she likes to eat more grown-up food, she wants to be more independant and do things herself! She's even hugging me more, almost as if she actually LIKES ME!

I haven't been writing very much lately. I guess, I just don't have very much to say, or I feel that my life is boring, too boring to write about. I'm hoping to change that very soon. In a few days I begin school again. I'm sure that will give me some new things to think about! It is amazing how much I like school. I used to hate it so much, that I'd get sick just because I had to go. Now, I get excited about it. For me, learning is power. It makes me feel good to know that I CAN learn and that I am using my brains and that I can make sense of things and or fix them!

This Friday, my Mom is coming to visit for the weekend. I am quite excited about this! It kind of came as a surprise, especially since it is on my birthday and she is going to attend a Friendship Supper with me! Yup, I finally feel as if my mom and I are more friends than parent/child than we used to be! Of course, there will always be that too! Everyone needs a mom to complain to, to tell all the exciting and unexciting things in life! Moms, I think, are very good confidantes to have. They are supposed to understand impossible things, just by intuition and love us forever even when we are not very lovable! Thanks MOM, for your loving service all my life!

My Mom has taught me a million things. She taught me about making beds with hospital corners, how to stack silverware in the drawer properly, how to make straight vaccum lines and listen for all the dirt and rocks to be sucked up into the vaccum before moving on, how to dust all that wooden furniture, especially close to the floor EVERY SATURDAY of my childhood. She taught me about unconditional love and honesty. She taught me that to worry about stuff all the time is just a waste of time and energy. But most importantly, she taught me about God and how to live for Him in real life, not just at church. She taught me that a quiet faith that doesn't push itself to the forefront, but just is lived, is much more genuine than the obvious super-spiritual. She taught me that love is forever and that you should only marry a man that can love you back forever! Now, just because she taught me all these things doesn't mean that I learned them all at once or even very well. But, I am learning now at an excelerated rate that she was always right.

Mom, Thank you for your life and love. Thank you for being my Mom. Thank you for keeping trying, even when it seemed hopeless. Thank you for understanding me even when I didn't/don't understand myself. I love you Mom. Happy almost Mother's Day.

Today, Dr. O and I are going to attempt to catch up the yard work, before it rains again and supersaturates everything. I swear that our grass is knee-deep to a Moose and the weeds and edges are twice as high. I'd also like to plant a bunch more stuff so it can catch the moisture. I keep wondering how we'll be able to keep it all up after I begin school. Both of us are in school and looking for work. This could be a very busy year!

What are the kids going to do? I wish I knew. I think I'll have to create some outside chores to keep them away from the TV today! HMMMM.....I think finishing the woodpile would be good. Maybe hauling rocks for a border. Well, on the note, I have to skedaddle and get busy!

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