Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life Goes On

Today, I am saying goodbye to a blog a read very regularly. My sister is moving on in life and will no longer be posting a blog. My sister, Amy, is going back to school for a new career. She is going back for a law degree. In what area, well, that remains to be seen. I am proud of Amy for making this leap into a new career.

It seems to me, that lately, there is a lot of new career training going on. My hubby and I are back in school. My sister Amy just finished her bachelors and is moving on to law school. My sister Sonia just finished some business training for work and received a certificate. Why did we all wait for our 30's before upgrading our education? Most likely, because life happened and school was interupted or we just plain didn't know what we wanted to do or would be good at. Anyway, congratulation to my family and extended family for continuing your education and making your lives move forward.

Spring Fever is not something I recommed to anyone. Spring Allergies really slow ya down and drain all the energy. Mine have been bad this year. I have now learned that mowing and weedwacking are off limits for me. Along with touching or smelling anything moldy or mildewy. So, my basement is also off-limits for me. Only one problem with that! We have a very leaky basement that is FULL of that stuff. Remind me that when we buy a house to make sure the basement doesn't leak. Anyway, that stuff gets into the air and WALLA, I get sick. I am getting better again, but it's exhausting! At least I'll be able to breathe and not cough too much while my mom is here.

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