Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1 - already

Has it really been six weeks since I last wrote? Please forgive me. Here's why I haven't written lately.
  • I just started school
  • I just wrote research papers for six weeks in a row
  • I just finished my first class on Monday.
  • I just started a new job
  • I just went into information overload
  • I just sat in nearly 50 hours of 'staff meetings' for the month of June
  • I just met a million new people
  • I just found out that I have to find jobs for ex-offenders in the worst state, in the worst county in the nation for the worst economy
  • I just work, study, and sleep
  • I just eat very irregularly and I still can't lose weight
  • I just can't remember to write for fun

What else has happened? Well, my daughter is in CO for a few weeks and my son is in NY for a few weeks. Calico Kid comes back to me on the 2nd. Mystery Girl comes back to me on the 14th. The house has been quiet and mostly clean. The hubby has been a great Mr. Mom/gardener/cook/laundress (what's male for laundress?)/chauffer/yard maintainer.

This past month has been a real challenge. I'm glad that it's over and I can get on with my duties and live peacefully(sort of).

So, kids, you are welcome to come home now! I miss you.

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Audrey said...

Good to see you back blogging!