Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What NOT to Do

Here's what not to do in my job (not that I know from experience)
  1. place an ex-breaking and entering into a cleaning position, especially if the company cleans banks
  2. place an ex-sex-offender into a job in McDonald's- especially if it has a Play Place
  3. place an ex-drug pusher into a sales job at Walmart
  4. place an ex-DUI into a position where he must drive a delivery truck
  5. ditto for an ex-sex-offender
  6. place an ex-violent behavior in a daycare

Just to name a few! Believe it or not, there is an entire manual about where these ex-offenders cannot work or live. Then they wonder why so many go back to prison. Don't get me wrong, those barriers are really for the good of society. But it does make it hard for an ex-offender to make it on the outside.

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