Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Happened To All The Time?

That's what I am asking myself. It seems that I am running myself ragged trying to keep up. Monday will be the last day of my 2nd class. It has been a journey. A very difficult journey. Ethics classes have always driven me crazy, but this one is horrid. We didn't really talk about the text, barely covered the topics of philosophical thought and learned a TON about police work. Very little direction about expectations for papers, then gruelling feedback. I suppose it is supposed to 'help' me to be a better writer/critical thinker, but the only critical thinking I'm getting out of this is CRITICISM. Ugh. Horrid class. I'm glad it will be over in 3 days. Well, that's school. Now, on to work.

Work has been just as busy. I have been getting a lot of felons coming in to see me who need a LOT of help and work. They are very time absorbing. Add to that the other case manager, hired same time as I was, has been on two vacations already. So, I'm doing part of her job, along with my own. Not that it bothers me much to help out, just that she is never there, it seems. Add to that, I got a new Regional Manager who doesn't know her job yet and my other Regional Manager is being short and tempermental. Add to that, this week one of our job coaches walked off the job, creating havoc for the office, (she belongs to the other CM) , so I've been doing damage control and putting out fires, before a bunch more people decide to walk. Well that wasa work, exhausting. Now, on to family.

It is the end of summer, three weeks til school starts. My kids are bored, tempermental, and sick of being hot and bored. Movies? Video Games? Webkinz? Lumped altogether, It's not happening much. Why? They fight too much. Then I come home and it gets spilled over onto tired, stressed out Mom. I will be glad when school starts. Not the homework part, but the structure part. Get these kids out of the house. Hubby is doing all the household duties, gardening, cleaning, cooking, and driving.

Oh, the good stuff. Maybe? We got Hubby's car back. It is fixed, it runs, it goes faster than 30 mph. It cost 800 bucks. frown, sad mommy. Good stuff...good stuff...I finish the class in 3 starts soon...we have onions the size of softballs...beans coming out our ears...I don't have to cook...It is Saturday and I slept in until 8...Well, that's probably enough!

Love ya all, thanks for reading. I'm sure life will get better or at least more managable.

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Rod Speed said...

Hey, sorry about all the stress. Glad to see things going better at your job. Two cars! wow! Things will eventually even out. Are those paid vacations your counterpart is taking? If so, perhaps I should work for Goodwill. Goodwill to all and to all a good night!