Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Back - For a While Anyway

That's right, I am attempting to come back. This has been the busiest 4 months ever. My job was going horribly and I was miserable and started to get sick from it and...and...it was just terrible.

On the other hand, I have been doing really well in school so far. In 2 weeks I will have finished 3 classes. Yipee! AND I'm getting A's so far. For that, I congratulate myself! Going to school is hard work, no matter how old or young you are. I am pleased to know that I have graduate level reading and writing skills and can reason at such a level. So far tho, it isn't really any harder than my undergrad. The same amount of work pretty much.

So, now I ask the question...Are colleges and universities making the programs easier or am I just getting smarter? I know that at 18 there was no way in the world I could have done this well. For one, I didn't know ANYTHING, and for two, I couldn't follow directions to save my life. Well...okay, maybe to save my life.

I do know that my writing skills have changed over the years, and now I have LIFE EXPERIENCE on my side. I am glad I'm doing the classes the way I am though. I could not handle doing a 16 week course again. That is pure, unadulterated torture. Who wants to go to school 3 or more nights a week AND do homework? Not me! One night a week is enough! That gives me a whole week to get the homework done.

Change of topic. I am back to being mom and wife. It feels great and I am actually doing mom, wifey things. Like cleaning house and cooking and overseeing homework. I am looking for something else that is part-time. Dr. O is back to work this week as well. Pray that his job is steady.

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Audrey said...

Great to have you back blogging again!