Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Way to Go Back to Work

You know, being off work for so long, it is hard to be motivated to go back. Once I get back, it won't be so bad, but it's the getting there that is bad. I think I have come up with strategy that might work.

First, I applied for the job I want at Grand Rapids Community College to teach Office and such. Second, I am applying at some retail stores for the holidays. Here's why. The job I want will most likely not be available until after Christmas or New Years and possibly not until Aug. Second, the holiday retail will get me out of the house and moving and in the habit of getting out again. Plus, we could use the money for Christmas, I could get an employee discount on much needed professional clothing (most of mine is old, doesn't fit, or out of fashion!), and I could replenish the kid's clothes. Mostly, I need to get out of the house and get "doing".

Once I finish school, in 8 more weeks, I will be at a loss as to what to do with myself. You see, once I get back in the swing of cooking and cleaning for the family, I won't have anything to really DO for most of the winter, which breeds depression and anger and demotivation. I can take up and finish a few projects that are sitting around waiting for me to have more time, but, once those are done.....I will be spending time learning Office 2007 inside and out (can't teach it if I don't know it or use it.), finishing cross-stitch projects, maybe some sewing(to make Tori's clothes more acceptable...why is everything so low-cut?), and try to get back to doing some baking and more healthy cooking! We shall see. I definitely need to get on a schedule! I also want to get more involved in my church. I've missed that since I've been in school.

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