Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Green Tomatoes

What do you do with green tomatoes? I have to get them all picked as all my plants have now been frostbitten. My MIL told me to make fried green tomatoes or green tomato pie. Evidently, green tomato pie is supposed to taste the same as an apple pie. Hmmmm. Whatever I do, I need to do it soon, or they will all rot on the vine. Any other suggestions on what to do with them? If so, please send a recipe with the suggestion so I can try it out.

Today, I go babysit 5-7 small children, most of them under the age of 2 at church for the Women's Bible Study. After 2 hours of that, even with help, I am wiped out. I don't know how mothers with lots of kids do it. I would be crazy doing it full time! As it is, I can barely handle getting up at 515 am to get my own kids off to school. I feel like the walking dead until about 730 - shortly after the kids get on the bus. Then it is usually get around or go back to sleep, depending on how dead I am!

I recently moved 2 of my bird feeders up onto my porch railing so I can see the birds better this winter (and remember to keep feeding them) and it has been really cool. I see a flock of birds fluttering about right outside my window! I am surprised that the cat hasn't eaten them all yet. It's kind of fun to watch, he can't quite reach them with his paws stretched out. they are about 4 inches too far away! To jump would be to jump off the porch and into a bush, which could be pretty painful, I imagine!

So, how do you get a kid to bring home all the necessary papers for parents to fill out? Or even bring home their homework? Or how about get them to stay after school to finish up with the teacher? I now have begun to email the teacher directly with all questions and requests! I hope they don't get sick of talking to me, but I NEED the info! I love it that so much more stuff is posted online and I can print at least a few of the worksheets from home. (Then there is no excuse for not having it done!)If all the teachers could get onboard with this function, things would go a lot smoother. Anyway, a few of them are getting there and that helps.

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