Monday, August 27, 2007

The Dunk Tank

We finally got a new pastor. Our church has been without a lead pastor for about a year and a half. That's hard on a church. Anyway, his first day of work is today. He and his wife are soooo personable and his couple of "tryout sermons" were really good. I think he will be a good fit for us. Dr. O and I got a chance to talk to him for a few minutes. We found out that he loooovvves applesauce and apples! I think it will be fun to try to get to know him. He's our age so that's cool. I guess by the time your our age, that's an acceptable age to be for most positions! I alway think of us being so young, but really, we're not so young anymore. My the time my dad was my age, he'd already been pastoring about 12-15 years! Oh, now I feel old! Now about the dunk tank! We had baptisms yesterday. I love baptisms. They always share their tesimonies and I love to hear the way people come to Christ or how they have grown in Christ. It is always so exciting. We had 2 adults and 4 youth. It was so neat! It also makes you realize how easy some of us have had it or how hard others had to fight to get to where they are today. Not everybody had as good a home as I did (even tho I didn't think I did for a very long time). It could have been much worse. Calico Kid has been sick yesterday and today. Yesterday his fever got up to 102.9 then went back to normal. Today, he woke up with 102 again. Hopefully, he'll go back to normal and stay there. Our Dr. is 45 minutes away, so I hate to go if we don't have to. Wish I knew what's wrong with him.


roniarch said...

We are having a similar experience at our church. We have a fairly new couple that is in charge of the children's ministries that we happened to click really well with. Situations like that are usually rare because my hubby is so much older than I, but he and the hubby of the children's or have everything in common to talk about and are exchanging music and ideas for guns, games, computers, etc. The wife is a curly-haired redhead with a lot of the same views and experiences as me. They also have watched our son now and then.

I hope you and your family are able to obtain a good friendship with the new pastor. It can really be a blessing. Hope your son is feeling better.

Rana said...

It would be nice if we could get to be friends, but unlikely. Our church probably has around 1500 people attending. That's a lot of people to get to know. However, our deacon group which is a bunch of people from the same part of town or "sector" in inviting them to a picnic so we each will get a chance to talk to them and establish somewhat of a relationship with them. For me, I keep thinking that I can identify with them, but really, it's not as much as I would like!

Amy said...

Man, it seems like I miss a day, and I miss a lot!

Our preacher is old, so I don't think I'll be forging any close relationship with him anytime soon. ;-) I still miss our old church sometimes, but the way it used to be, not the way it is now. I really loved it there. Guess I have something for old preachers.