Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Buy or Not To Buy

Today I thought I would look for the box of winter clothes and school clothes. I found that I don't have a box. That means that everything is already in their dressers. So, that means that I have to go through the dressers again and have the kids try EVERYTHING on. Again. I'll be getting rid of some summer clothes that lasted one year too many. That will help the kids take better care of their things (I hope). Especially since they are doing their own laundry now. I also need to make an inventory of things that they need. Not too much I hope. Calico Kid is the one that I have to be most careful with since he actually goes to school. On the other hand, Mystery Girl is starting Jr. Youth Group this year and wants to look cool. Luckily, I can make a few "cool" unusual things for her to wear. Sewing isn't too awful expensive if you can use remnants and sale fabrics. We are trying to reduce the amount of clothing in the house since they only like to wear their favorites anyway. So, the question whether to buy or not..... Hopefully not. The hardest thing and the most expensive are the jeans and slacks. I think cotton with be in with Mystery Girl this year. It seems to get more use.


Amy said...

We have an awesome thrift store nearby, and that's where I buy my kids' school jeans. But they look COOL, not second hand, because I buy only stylish stuff. I also love it because it's much easier to find great Slims in cool styles.

I can pick some stuff up for the kids sometime if you want me to. Jeans usually run between $2.95 and $9.95, depending on how new they are, or the name brand. Most are around $4.95. Just tell me what sizes they need and I will pick some stuff up.

Rana said...

I'd love that. We're trying on clothes tomorrow or this weekend so I can be prepared for the year.

Christine said...

Hi Rana!
I agree with Amy, thrift stores are wonderful. Also I take Emma's clothes to a consignment shop; each time I take a box of clothes I have enough credit from the last load to bring home "new" stuff! It's a wonderful arrangement.

Amy said...

Be sure to let me know the sizes. I won't go shopping until I know that.

Rana said...

Ok, Mystery Girl is in 12 Slim and 14 Slim depending on the cut. 12 Slim is just the right length and the hip/waiste is just about right. 14 Slim is better for length but then the waiste needs to be at the waiste not the hip.

Calico Kid in right now in 8 Slims. The 10 slims just slide right off of him. Again narrow in the waiste but longer in the leg. Oh, and he hates buttons. Says they're too hard to fasten. Thanks Amy.