Friday, October 5, 2007

Further tales of domestication

Here's what happens when you get BORED when sitting at your dining room table for hours on end with nothing to do. You go buy yourself a paint by number. A fairly LARGE paint by number! I did a good job considering I've never done one before. At least it is recognizable. The only problem is that it was too distracting for a certain young lady who wanted to help me instead of doing her schoolwork. So, it backfired. Badly. Then I thought that maybe cooking lunch and dinner would be helpful for passing the time. Sure, it passed time alright, but now we had to sit at the table even longer in order to finish the work before bedtime. So, again, it backfired. But I HAVE to do SOMETHING. So I baked bread and an Apple Pie. Again, I wasn't directly babysitting my 11 year old daughter, and had so sit with her most of the day. Today, there's hardly any work for her to do (but it will take FOREVER to do it) so, I may decide to can some tomato sauce. I might even go out and pull up my flowerbeds today. I started some of it yesterday, and noticed that there are just way too many bugs in the soil. So, I'm going to clean the beds out and sterilize the soil and rototill it real good and start over next year. I think it has been years since they've been cleaned out. I asked Dr. O what was WRONG with me? I'm doing all this cooking and baking and cleaning. What is WRONG with me? He answered with a big grin, "Nothing." Oh, really, then WHY am I doing it? It's an awfully odd why for me to behave! It's unnatral or something. Maybe I have a fever? Quick, get the Motrin, I might be becoming TOO domesticated! Maybe I need some extra sleep? Oh, I also thought that I might try making some bagels this weekend. Hmmm. Very odd. Now, for the boyfriend situation. Well, let's just say that if he doesn't stop kissing my daughter, he's going to get a visit from DADDY and if it still doesn't stop, HIS daddy will get a visit from daddy. In my opinion, 11 is too young to have a boyfriend. Especially to be getting kissed. Even if only on the cheek. That's only a few cm. from the lips. NOT ACCEPTABLE. No way, Jose.

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roniarch said...

Oohwee! What our parents would have said if we were getting boyfriends and getting kissed at that age! I know, some girls have all the luck. I think I was the only girl in our family that never had a boy like me at that age, much less receive a kiss for it! My sister-in-law says her girls are not allowed to date or have boyfriends until they are 22! Honestly, I really am not sure if she is joking or not. I kinda think she is serious. Poor kids.