Saturday, October 6, 2007

That's One Ambititious Boy

I have this son that is very ambitious. I never know what he's going to come up with next. So far, he has petitioned our landlord twice to hire him for odd jobs. You know, things like picking up all the wood in the apple orchard after they go through and trim the trees. For $5 for every day that he works, none the less. Or picking up all the fallen apples. Unfortunately, he's been turned down. I'd love for him to work and help out, but he's too young to have a paying job! He has no idea how hard it would be to do this stuff. I suppose after an hour, he'd be ready to quit. But it's the thought that counts. He's ready and willing to help out around here. Yesterday, he rode his bike about a mile down the road and around the corner to ask a dairy farmer if he could work for him milking cows! Hilarious! He actually wants to milk cows! He still thinks that they do it by hand! Anyway, he came home sad and disappointed because they weren't home and he didn't even see the cows or calves. He really would like to pet the calves, I think. So, I suppose it would be a good idea to take him over there and ask the men if Calico Kid could hang out with them for a couple of hours so he can see how they do things and ask millions of questions. I asked CKid why he wanted to get a job so bad. His response was very touching. "So our family can have more money. We just keep getting poorer and poorer." Well! So , I asked him if he was going to share his money or keep it for himself to save up for a special something. "Well, I think that I'll put most of it in the family fund." Oh my! He already dumps most of his change into the family fund and goes around asking everyone if they have change to put in too. Can you say "Thoughtful?" Although, right now, he's decided that all the change needs to go to Habitat for Humanity. Still! WOW. Folks, this kid is only 9. He makes me a pretty proud mama. Now, if this responsibility would just rub off on his sister! Her ambition runs to the tune of climbing tall ladders in dance dresses, sitting inside corn dryers, helping Farmer Tom fix the tractors, etc.

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roniarch said...

How lucky you are to have such a caring child. Lets hope this continues into adulthood! If only my son would care about others that much. To him, I think it is all Batman and the such. Play, play, play! Of course, he is only 4! Got to give him some slack,I guess.