Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Didn't Know Stuffed Animals Eat Lettuce

That's right, I said that I didn't know stuffed animals eat lettuce. Here I was, out enjoying a wood fire and eating smores when lo and behold, Dr. O walks outside to inform my Mystery Girl that she needs to go inside and pick up all the lettuce from the living room floor. THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR?! And WHY is it on the LR FLOOR? She just looked at me, kinda dumb-like. Then, like a lightning bolt, it hits me. Stuffed animals are on the LR floor! Do you REALLY think that stuffed animals eat lettuce? Gee, why didn't I think of that? And each toy had its own pile of lettuce in front of it! Well, now. Can we eat lettuce after it has been on the floor? NO. At least not if we want lettuce without hair or dirt all over it. Good thing the kids just vacuumed the whole downstairs today. Good think lettuce is pretty cheap. Good thing it was almost gone anyway. Good thing I'm not planning on HAVING TACOS TOMORROW to finish it off! Other news of great interest. I have never seen so many worms in my life. I guess neither have the kids. While Dr. O turned over the dirt in the garden with a spade, the kids and I were busy chasing earthworms and plucking them out of the soil. Oh, what fun! CKid just informed me that we had 40 worms. It wasn't a very large area that got turned over, but WOW that's a lot of worms. I also cleaned out one of the flowerbeds. I got all but the Hosta pulled up and all the bulbs sorted. Maybe tomorrow I'll get brave enough to do the Hosta. I need to divide it into smaller parts and replant them in several different places around the yard. So, basically, one down, three to go. I'm starting over with some healthy bulbs and perennials and throwing the rest out. Man, they were really bad. the whole surface of the bed was choked with roots. It was like lifting a blanket that was attached to the ground. Anyway, I got an entire pail full of bulbs to replant. I've never seen so many toes on a plant before. I'm afraid that by the time I get all the beds cleaned out and ready to replant that I'll still have too many bulbs and roots. I think I'm also going to plant a whole bunch of marigolds. They have a nice color and are very bug repellent. And the flowers seem to last forever. Under the bird feeder we pulled out as many sunflower plants that have suddenly started growing. Now I know what to plant at the back of the beds! Bird Feed! I also decided to put the bird feeder IN the flower bed so that any dropped seeds that decide to grow won't be such a problem. I actually think that sunflowers would be nice to grow. They are so pretty.

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roniarch said...

Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy. You must know twice as much about planting and cooking and canning as you did before you were a stay-at-home-mom. Good for you. Sounds like Dr. O has everything under control, too. Your kids seem to come up with new funny escapades, too. How entertaining for the rest of us who get to read about it.