Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Embroidery Projects

I promised I would post some of the projects I've been working on lately. I was going to post the one the Mystery Girl is working on, but, she's not finished with it yet and it may be a very long time before she is, so I'll post without her. When she has her's done, I'll post it.
Here's the first one: pillowcase, doilies, and dresser scarf.
The second project is a picture that I did.
I also finished an apron, but didn't post it. Maybe next time. I am currently working on a North Woods quilt. I'm pretty excited about that one. And I have several other "hope chest" items that I will be working on for next Christmas.
I've decided that I am very compulsive. If I decide to do something, I get totally into it until I get bored with it. I've seen that in different areas of my life and at different times and stages. This summer it was my garden and flowers; fall was all the canning and baking. This winter is embroidery and art projects. (A girl has to have something to do while her child is being homeschooled.) We have also become compulsive about beans! My in-laws gave us 50 pounds of them! So, we are creatively trying to use those beans. (Why did I say anything to them? They always go overboard in providing for the desire. Nothing like killing someone with kindness, eh?!)
Somehow I am staying sane (barely) this winter. That ridiculaous S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder (depression)) is really bad this year. Probably because I spent so much time outside this summer and fall that now the inside of my house feels confining and prison-like. House cleaning and cooking and school work is on the bottom of my list of things I like to do. I can think of all kinds of things I'd rather do! Reading is at the top of the list. Lately, it's all the Hardy Boys Casefiles that my daughter recently acquired that have been my entertainment. (All 50)(Gotta read them before she does! Gotta make sure they are acceptable material and not too mature for her!) She is finally ready to read the unabridged version of Little Women and Swiss Family Robinson. I get excited when she reads one of the classics. They are sooooo much better than some of the junk out there. These books will still be on the market long after these newer ones.
Okay, time to put the kids to bed and finish wrapping the gifts, before I forget to. Then I can sit down and read or do X-stitch until Dr. O gets home.


roniarch said...

Your embroidery projects are beautiful. No wonder it is taking a while to do them, it looks like a lot of work. But then I never was into the sewing thing very much. Your kids will have some wonderful things for there hope chests.

Sheila_T said...

Rana, your work is just gorgeous! You did great, sis!

Love ya bunches,