Thursday, August 28, 2008

Potato Art Contest

Well, I told you that we picked or rather we dug potatoes the other day. Now, I have some funky potato art for you. Can you tell me what these potatoes look like? The kids and I have an opinion, but it's up to you to name that potato!

Okay, here's the corn count. Are you ready? Are you sure you're ready? Well, here it is. Drumroll please.....10 pints canned and 65 bags frozen! OMG! No wonder my body feels as if it has been run over! Oh, and 15 quarts of beans! All in two days time. Total count of beans so far is 54 quarts. I guess once a week for beans! By the time I'm done with the garden, it will be more than once a week! Guess we'll be having lots of hot dishes, soups, and healthy dinners. Even if we run out of all other foods, we won't be starving to death!

Last night was YUK night for Mystery Girl at church. It's a night where all the teens get together and do yucky things and get gooey and gross. She had a great time and entered in and did her part! Afterwards, they get sprayed down by the fire dept. in a giant slip-n-slide on the church lawn.

So, while Mystery Girl did her thing, Calico Kid and I did a haircut and made a toy mouse for Ginger. We sewed it then stuffed it with corn silk. That was the kid's idea, not mine! So, we finally got it made, but we can't get the cat to play with it! Oh, well. I guess it's a learning experience for Calico Kid and he still had fun with it! You can't get a cat who catches REAL mice to chase a fake one for very long!

I have been praying about things that I could do at home to make some money. I haven't come up with anything immeadiate, but I did think of things for next summer that I can work on all winter. My mil gave me a whole bunch of patterns that are interesting as well as a whole, huge tote full of fabrics. This could be fun! There are patterns for Barbie furniture, stuffed Calico Cats, and a few others that might be fun. I could also make aprons and bibs and purses. So, if I get a whole bunch of stuff made up, I could possibly sell them along with some extra veggies I need to get rid of at a Farmer's Market in town. I could also start some lap quilts and cross-stitch art and have those to sell as well. Each one I do is better than the last!

Here's Mystery Girl and Grandma. They are almost the same size now! Just about 4 inches difference in height. Grandma was very surprised to see how tall she had gotten!

And here, folks, is my pirate daughter. She's been away at sea for a long time now and recently decided to drop in for a visit. It looks as if she needs some new duds that fit her a little better and to wash her face occassionally, but under it all, she's a pretty decent pirate!

Today, is going to be a semi-lazy day, at least in comparison with the last few days. I'm going to clean house and read and do not much of anything. I am worn out with canning, gardening, freezing food (I think, FOOD in general). I haven't been hungry in weeks, my body hurts and aches, and I'm caught up in the garden temporarily. Besides, the kids need to spend some time with me before school starts on Tues.

Have a great day folks. I'm off to see the Wizard!

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