Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bloody Cat

While cuddling our cat Ginger one morning last week, I realized that his was covered, splattered with blood. Ewww! Well, I got concerned. Maybe, he got in a fight and got injured or something. So, I'm looking him over, Nope, no cuts or injuries. But, he's got the biggest tummy I ever saw on him. Hmmm....I wonder what he caught? Whatever it was must have been pretty big and juicy! So, nice mommy that I am, I tried to clean him off with a washcloth, you know, because cats hate water! Nope, that didn't work, he just looked at me like I was crazy or something. "What are you doing, lady?" So, I had a brilliant idea! I have a mudroom sink! I could give him a bath! Well, not really a whole bath, just a partial one. So, in the sink he went. On came the water (slow stream). Then, I splashed him and rubbed him to get him all wet (funny looking kitty!) He struggled a little bit, as I expected that he would, but he stayed put and submitted to the splashing. When I let him loose, he just trotted off a few steps and settled down to his own brand of bathing. An hour later, no more bloody kitty, lots of clean white fur, and he smelled a whole lot better too! He must be getting ready for the cold winter ahead. He's been hunting more and catching larger stuff. I'm glad he is still able to find food. I'm just glad I don't have to watch him eat it. What little I've seen is just really gross and disgusting. I'd rather not know! When we give him a treat of dry cat food, he attacks it in the same vicious way. It's almost funny when it's cat food, but his other stuff he catches....well, I'd rather not know!

On another note, did you know that cats can talk? I mean really communicate? Ginger has a whole list of communication with his family. Let's see, there's the "Why am I on the outside looking in?" MEOoowww. Then there's the "I'm here!" Mew. And the "Pay attention to me" Aaa. What else? Oh, yes, the "Why did you close the door in my face?" MMMRRRRROOOOOOWWWWWW. And the "I'm looking for a mouse" GRrrow. And of course the "I'm bored, but I'll still listen to you, even though I'd rather sleep" silent meow.

Oh, yes, this cat keeps us entertained! He causes fights between children and between parents and children, but he cuddles with the broken hearted, rubs against the one who needs attention, and in general, brings satisfaction and joy to my family!

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