Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economically speaking - or NOT

Well, I normally don't write or post or talk about the ecomony if I can help it. However, I have just one thing to say. Or, rather several things to say, then I'll shut up and go on living my life in a normal way. Normal for us that is.

#1- Everyone is worried about what's going on with the economy, Wall Street, investments and all things money. I'm sorry. There's not a thing I can do about it. It is unfortunate that things are taking such a turn. A lot of innocent people are being hurt by it. A lot of not so innocent people are being hurt by it. A lot of downright guilty are being hurt by it. And, everyone is paying for it, one way or another. The jobs are dissapearing, the pay scale is going DOWN. The gas is going up and down and making people crazy. It's too bad.

#2- Our nation has turned to idolity and turned away from God. We value homes, cars, and comfort above God. We have built our tower. Guess what, God is NOT GOING TO BE IGNORED. He has allowed us to go our own way, because we refused to submit to his supremacy. Do you remember what He did at the Tower of Babel? Do you remember what He did to the Isrealites? Yep, He scattered them, sold them into slavery. He allowed them to build their idols, and to be carried away by their desires. The whole time He was warning them to turn from their ways and turn back to Him. Then, because they refused, they shut their ears to Him, He punished them. Do you think that America is any better? Do you think the world markets are any better? Do you think that God is pleased with us? Not hardly!

#3- The end times are coming closer and closer. Europe has already consolidated it's money into one system. We already have the European Union. We already have a World Language. Now, the markets are failing. Now, for the first time, we are on the brink of World Domination. The way things are going. I would not be in the least surprised that we are already at the end. Look at the natural disasters in the last few years. One after another. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, drought, famine, the list just goes on and on.

#4- to that end, what are we to do? GET ON YOUR KNEES, and beg the mercy of God. Get your heart right with God. Be the voice in the wilderness. Do you realize, that if you take God at His Word, He will never let His children be hungry, He will keep you in clothes and shelter? When it boils down to the nitty gritty, what else really matters? That Hiearchy of Needs is really very interesting. When you have nothing, your basic needs come first. Food, Shelter, Clothing. Then as you accumulate more stuff, your needs change into wants. BUT, when all the wants disapear and we are worried for food, shelter, and clothing we are immensely greatful for provision of our basic needs. Guess what, there's a lot of people who never got out of the survival mode. Guess what else, there's a lot of people who have never experienced the survival mode. And Guess what else, the world is going back to basic survival. Big surprise! People, GET IT RIGHT. What's more important? Food and shelter? or is it retirement, 401K, Wall Street? Hmmmm..... I guess I know what MY first priority is. God will provide everything else I need, even into retirement if neccessary. Okay, you've heard my views. Yes, they are a little harsh. I DO feel really sorry about all the innocent people that got sucked into this mess. Notice I said INNOCENT. Speculation is NOT what I call innocent. GOVT. decisions are not innocent. Greedy companies are not innocent. It's the consumers that were preyed upon that are innocent. The one's losing jobs and homes due to corporate decisions out of their control. They are innocent. Now, I never want to speak of this again on this blog. It is too depressing. It is too big for me to solve. I am trusting God to see my family through this time and trusting that He knows what is best, even if I don't understand it all. Gave a great and glorious day.

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